Intellijel - Springray module


Still the good old spring tank has it's right to exist and a very unique sound which is very miuch dependent on the spring tank used. The Springray module allows for connecting up to three different, separately available tanks and you can switch between all of them without disconnecting. The module is buit with those good THAT VCAs, offers pre- and post EQs, overdrive plus voltage controlled feedback with limiter and voltage controlled mix.



Pre- and Post-spring reverb we find two simple EQs for emphasizing bass or treble. There's a selector switch to choose up to three different connected tanks - connectors for tanks A & B are in the back and connectors for tank C are located on the front. This will make those users happy that like to manipulate play springs manually to alter the sound.
The module features voltage controlled feedback with a limiter in the feedback path to prevent clipping. The limiter uses THATcorp RMS and VCA ICs, The mix between original and reverb signal can be voltage controlled as well which is cool for effect automation.
The feedback signal can be processed with the (otherwise normalled) send and return sockets; according to Intellijel modulated band pass filters in this place are super interesting.


The module does not contain a spring tank! It has to be purchased separately and Intellijel offers three different sizes.


audio: input, send out, normalized to return input, mix output.
fedback CV input, mix CV input
three spring tank connectors, one in front, two in the back


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 42mm deep
current draw: 34mA @ +12V and 44mA @ -12V

0.15 kg
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