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Among the existing eight-channel sequential switches the Router by [itijik] is the most compact one. Due to the size fetures known from the A-152 or Erica's switch have been omitted, yet the Router has his very own and unique functions like Hold, reverse direction and individuakl gate outputs.


COM and the 1-8 sockets are bi-directional: if COM socket is used as input, then a positive slope at the clock input will switch the COM signal to one of the eight inputs sequentially. Other way round you can use eight input signals and switch sequentially, routing one of the inputs to the COM output.
A gate output is assigned to each step; it emits a gate signal when the according step is active. Gates have a level of 11V.

RESET allows to set the swithc back to step number one. A gate at the DIR input changes the switching direction from upwards (1-8, when gate is "high") to downwards (8-1, when gate = "low"). HOLD freezes the switching process without interrupting the routing.
Just play with the gate outputs, connect them to the varoius inputs and create one-shot sequences, reduce the amount of steps etc.

The module works well with audio signals and clocks up to 30kHz. A very fast clock can switch several audio sources and generate new waveforms for instance or makes the module sound like a bit crusher.


inputs: clock, reset, direction, hold
one common bidirectional in/out
eight individual bidirectional in/outs each, with gate out


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 47.2mm deep
power consumption: 20mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

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