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Toggle contains four flip-flop circuits with normalized logic inverters which expand your rhythm-based modular setup by a number of functions:
Possible use: self-explanatory switching via a flip flop, then creative sequencing, clock division by 4, 8, 16 etc.. and all that simultaneously with inversion.


Each of Toggle's channels has an identical layout and consists, as said in the intro, of a flip flop circuit with it's OUT socket normalized to a logic inverter. A "high" state at the OUT socket equals "low" at the VERT socket and vice-versa.
This normalized inversion can be interrupted by plugging a cable to the IN socket, making the logic inverter an individually useable circuit for changing high and low states.

About the flip flop:
- A gate or a pulse at the SET input makes the OUT go "high".
- A gate at the RESET input makes the OUT go "low" again.
- A gate at the RST input (reset) makes the OUT go high, the next gate makes it go "low" agan and so forth. The reset flips between these two states which corresponds to a clock division by two when used with a clock at the RST in. If you cascade the OUT ofa channel to the next channel's RST input, each flipflop acts as another "divide by two"-device.

Cross-patching the channels and connecting them together makes fun and creates interesting clock manipulations.


per channel:
- flip flop: set input, reset input, clock input, output
- logic inverter: input, inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 47.4mm deep
power consumption: 37mA @ +12V and 34mA @ -12V

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