JoMoX Mod.Brane11 percussion module


Analog percussion voice module with the legendary JoMoX sound. The module features 100 slots of memory, fixed and assignable CV inputs and an internal LFO. MIDI control via rear buss and an internal mix bus in case you want to make an entire drum setup with JoMoX modules. pretty handy for e-drummers.



The Mod.Brane features the improved dual membrane circuitry, simulating the two membranes of a drum that interact and modulate each other. Resonance and interference creates additional harmonics. The dual noise generator with white and digital "metal" noise can be used for snare drum and cymbal sounds for instance. The module uses two resonating filters that can be damped and coupled - coupling means a mix of of addition and frequency modulation.

Eight potentiometers allow for direct analog control of the main sound parameters M1 Pitch, M1 Dampen, M2 Pitch, M2 dampen, 1_2 Coupling, 2_1 Coupling, Noise, Decay. Further parameters like the digitally created Metal Noise with 499 timbres, trigger senitivity, compression of the decaying envelope and the CV routing is done with buttons and the display.
The module also has an LFO, linear frequency modulation for crazy effect sounds. Besides a trigger input it has also a gate input. The parameters Pulse and Noise affect the pulse and noise part of the attack for even punchier drums and both are affected by gate length. All parameters can be controlled with MIDI
An internal mix buss working with JoMoX modules only allows for internal mixing of the drums and the Bus Send will work as FX send with future effect modules.


Output: Audio
Inputs: assignable CV1-4, Lin FM, Gate, Trigger
MIDI-In and Out sockets on the back of the module


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 53mm deep.
Current draw: 120-140mA @ +12V and ~80mA @ -12V

0.5 kg
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