JoMoX Moonwind


The JoMoX Moonwind is a true analog stereo filter with built-in step sequencer, a fantastic sounding digital FX chip, two LFOs and envelope modulation. Everything can be stored and is controllable via MIDI.  The sequencer can record the cutoff frequency , Q and resonance per step and per filter and turn this stereo filter with analog feedbacks into a creative instrument


The filters are low-noise multimode filters (lowpass, highpass, notch and high pass) based on OTAs. Cutoff frequency, resonance and Q can be set individually for each filter and each can be modulated by an own MIDI syncable LFO with a number of wave forms. An analog envelope follower extracts an envelope from the audio signal and modulates the cutoff with separate modulation intensity controls per filter. the filters can be linked stereo, parallel, serial or in feedback mode.

In addition to the digital effect chip  with 15 algorithms like chorus, flanger, reverb, delay and some wicked programs. Each effect algorithm has three parameters. An analog feedback allows for tape delay effects or wave guides. A noise generator is incuded, too.

The step sequencer can record the Cutoff, Q and Res seperately per step and filte. A pattern can be max. 64 steps long; maximum 16 steps per bar (then max. 4 bars), bars can be dynamically set according to the number of steps per bar. Clock divider can resolve max. 32th per bar. Record/undo function to record filter trails by the rotary knobs. Of course you can synchronize the sequencer to MIDI clock, you even can play the cutoff with MIDI notes and control other parameters with CCs. A 2x24 digit display helps to use the Moonwind.


inputs L (mono) and R, Aux inputs L (mono) and R
outputs L&R (all are 6,35mm [1/4"] sockets.

MIDI: In, Out and Thru


Desktopgerät im Metallgehäuse, Abmessungen 32 x 19 x 8,5cm, Gewicht 2,2kg

Stromversorgung über externes 10,5V AC-Netzteil mit 1,2A.

3.2 kg
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