Jomox - T-Rackonizer


The voltage controllable Eurorack module version of the T-Resonator is an interesant concept of two low pass flters and an effect. As the two filters feature cross-modulation, positive and negative feedbacks and their cutoff frequencies can be modulated by an LFO and an envelope follower, many dynamic and very interesting, partly very experimental sounds are possible which are further processed by the digital effects like delay, physical modeling, FM and more.



Just like the T-Resonator the module consists of two individual audio paths as well, which can and should be intertwined in an interesting manner! The module features inputs and outputs in stereo i.e. it can be used either mono or stereo.

An audio signal whose level is adjusted with GAIN first is processed by two parallel cascade low pass filters. Theis cutoff frequencies is variable individually but at the same time it can be modulated simultaneously be the LFO or Envelope Follwer + LFO (control via Intensity). Additionally it is possible to determine for each filter how strong and in which direction the Envelope Follower works.
Instead of a usual resonence control the filters have bipolar feedback potentiometers: clockwise they dial in a positive feedback which acst like resonance. But counterclockwise they generate a negative feedback with a different behavoiur which generates drastic sub-frequencies (watch your speakers!).
The left filter's output can be sent to the right filter's input via the MIX control, which happens either phase correct or phase inverted. Alone this fact, screaming, feedbacked filters being fed back and forth create a lot of experimntal noise.

But the T-Rackonizer doesn't stop here: Each channel can be sent to the internal digital effect via the Delay In parameter, again phase-correct or with inverted phase. Eight effect programs are available (tracker, siner, warp, wave guide, two delays, two reverbs), each with two parameters, see faceplate. The feedback of each effect channel is set with the Delay Feedback parameter.

Voltage control of parameters is available for each filters' feedback, the cutoff frequency and the Mix. Furthermore the effect programs can be selected via a CV as well.


audio: L+R inputs, L+R outputs
common CV input for effect program select
CV inputs per channel: Feedback, Cutoff, Mix


3U Eurorack module, 26HP wide, 23mm deep
Current draw: ~130mA at +12V and ~70mA at -12V

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