Jomox T-Resonator II


JoMoX´ T-Resonator is a very special stereo effect and filter unit, surprising over and over again, because it is making effects on the base of a new idea, resonant interconnections like in an neuronal network. It´s bigger brother the Resonator Neuronium made very clear that the last word has not been spoken yet. It´s a very experimental device which forces you to touch and play it. It might be a little confusing in the beginning but after having dealt with it a bit you can make super trippy and dubby sounds with it.


The T-Resonator consists of two identical channels, each with a resonant lowpass filter, an envelope generator and a digital delay/multi FX.

Filter: Controls for cutoff and feedback. The fedback is bipolar: right of center position one gets a positive feedback (classic resonance), left of center position you get a negative feedback which produces a nasty, loud and deep sub-bass. It might be dangerous for your speakers, so watch the settings and the level or use a limiter!

The output signal of one filter can be fed into the other one [controls Mix 2-1 and Mix 1-2] and can modulate the cutoff frequency of the other filter by FM. This crossmodulation works in both directions [controls FM 2-1 and FM 1-2]. The cutoff can also be modulated by the envelope follower.

Delay: The output of each filter can be sent positive or phase inverted into a digital delay/FX which has eight different effect programs. Besides delay, flanger, chorus and reverbs there´s an effect called wave guise which sound like if you sent the signal thru a metal pipe. The feedback control provides endless delays up to self resonance. The two effect controls [Para 1 and 2] control delay time or other parameters.

Gain allows for distortion on the input, a bypass switch kills the effect. Besides using one mono or one stereo signal you can simultaneously work with two independent sounds too.


Audio input: 2 x 6,3 mm (1/4") jack mono
Audio output: 2 x 6,3 mm (1/4") jack mono
input for external 9V AC power supply


Steelcase for desktop use. Approx. 15cm x 20cm x 3cm

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