Kenton - SYNC-5 (DIN Sync Splitter)


Small unit for active splitting of an incoming DIN-Sync signal to five DIN-Sync outputs.



With the SYNC-5 it´s possible to use one DIN-Sync signal to synchronise several DIN-Sync compliant machines.The active circuitry of the unit restores the input signal to prevent loss at the outputs. Each output can drive up to two DIN-Sync inputs (passive splitter cable required).

The units was primarily intended for use with Roland equipment and it´s 24ppg clock but it can also beused with Korg equipment and their 48ppq clock although a conversion between both types isn´t possible.

A status LED flashes at the tempo of the clock.


one DIN-Sync input, five DIN-Sync outputs. Those are no MIDI connectors!!!

power input for external 9V DC power supply (10mA, 2.1mm plug with center positive)


100 x 46 x 32 mm

0.65 kg
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