Kenton Thru-5


The Kenton Thru-5 is a small box for splitting MIDI signals. The signal at MIDI input is being output at five parallel MIDI Thrus. It is an active device that isn't being powered by the MIDI line but by the included wall wart.



The MIDI In is galvanically decoupled with an optocoupler, the MIDI thrus are active: all have their own drivers and are refreshed by Schmitt-Trigger circuits i.e. there is no signal loss at the Thrus.
All MIDI signals are accepted: MTC, note data, clock, controllers, SysEx etc.
Power and incoming MIDI signals are visualized with a LED.

The unit is powered by a supplied, external "wall wart" power supply. 9V DC, center positive.


1x MIDI In, 5x MIDI Thru
2.1mm socket for external 9V DC power supply


100mm x 50mm x 35mm

0.35 kg
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