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You have a power supply with an inactive +5 V rail? - NoDrain can help! The circuit adds a +5 V voltage to such powering solutions. Unlike other adapters, NoDrain doesn’t tap into the +12 V rail, but uses the -12 V rail to draw power.


NoDrain transfers voltage from the -12 V rail to the +5 V rail. Up to 1000 mA can be used at +5 V. The circuit design promises efficient, trouble-free operation.

Caution: Before installing the NoDrain adapter, the load on the -12 V rail must be calculated. Overloading the -12 V bus can permantently damage the modular system. Klavis gives as a rule of thumb: The load of the +5 V rail, divided by two, corresponds to the voltage tapped at the -12 V rail.

More detailed information can be found on the Klavis website.

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