KOMA Elektronik - BD-101 (Analog Gate / Delay)


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The BD101 by KOMA Elektronik is a very special analog delay which differs completely from conventional analog delay pedals, soundwise but also featurewise. It allows for sick, chopped sounds that can resemble a bit crusher. You can easily and quickly blend from thick, long delays to extremely short pulses.
Inputs and outputs for control voltages make it possible to combine the BD101 with other (KOMA-) pedals but of course also with a modular synthesizer! An infrared motion sensor allows for gestical control of parameters.



The delay length has a wide range, ranging from very short pulses that create "resonant "physical modeling" sounds with high feedback settings to beautiful classic analog delays. The feedback is set with the CYCLE control.
The GATE section is an unique modulation source, sort of a LFO with square, rising and falling sawtooths and three switchable rates. On the on hand is controls the level of the input signal before the delay on the other hand it affects the delay itself, especially at high feedback settings.  The square gives chopped effects while the sawtooths create sounds fading in or out.
A dry/wet fader controls the amount between original and effect signal.
The output of the infrared sensor can be assigned to different parameters with a patch cable.


All connections are 6.35mm jacks (1/4")

audio inputs: audio and cycle
audio outputs: audio and cycle
CV inputs for speed, amount, external gate and the delay time
CV output for IR motion sensor


Powdercoated aluminium housing with silkscreened text and multiplex wood sides
dimensions: 150 x 225 x 50mm (WxDxH)

1.3 kg
Article Number
former retail price: €284.87

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