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The Poltergeist, being an entirely voltage controllable quadrophonix mixer is a very extraordinary and unique module you can mix and control signals quadraphonically with complete control and beyond. Four channels each with it’s own VCA, plus a stereo auxiliary input, are mixed out to four separate outputs enabling the user to manipulate signals both stereophonically and quadraphonically in entirely new and ghostly ways.
With not less than 48 analog SSM-VCAs it's a very laborious module KOMA needed a lot of brain juice and patience for.



With performance in mind when designing the Poltergeist, a large Pan knobs for total control over the 360 degree range field was included. Also, clickless solo and mute buttons allow for effortless and instantaneous changes on the fly. Beyond these controls, you can also tailor your sound with extreme detail using functions Slope, Origin and Field which make an even more creative use of the spatial modulation, e.g. by controlling the panning slope or unique possibilities of voltage control. Sometimes a few audio signals and LFOs are sufficient for extremely complex sound design.


per channel: audio input, pan CV input, VCA CV input

auxilliary stereo input: In L, In R
Origin CV input, Slope CV input, Master Gain CV input
four audio outputs


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 54mm deep

current draw:
510mA @ +12V (peak: 580mA)
460mA @ -12V (peak: 490mA)

0.5 kg
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former retail price: €713.45

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