Koma Elektronik - RH-301 (Rhythm Workstation)


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The RH-301 synchronises analog clock, MIDI clock and DIN Sync by a tap- and sync-able tempo generator with additional syncable LFO and an envelope generator. A great master clock synchronizer mega utility unit and the first of it´s kind!



The core of the RH-301 is master clock generatorof which the tempo can be set freely by a knob, tapped by the tep-tempo button, or by syncing it to MIDI, DIN Sync or an external analog clock. The analog clock section has a clock mutliplier/divider that can be output at separate jacks. Besides this the clock is available at MIDI and DIN sync outputs simultaneously.

The integrated LFO can be synchrionized to the generated clock or run freely up to a rate of 260Hz. Five waveforms are available: sine, triangle, square, sample und hold and a ix of sine and noise. All waveforms can be changed in symmetry manually and via CV. In sync mode a tempo multiplication or divisior is possible as well. Last but not least: the LFO section has CV inputs for rate and symmetry and a reset input.

As third feature you´ll find a ADSR type envelope generator that can be triggered externally, be synched to the master clock or run in a loop mode. The range potentiometer sets the overall time range of the envelope, from snappy linear short envelopes to a longer, more logarithmic envelope with organic behavior.

And finally there is the infrared sensor we know from ther KOMA products, available at a separate output socket.


Clock: 2x analog clock out, 2x division out, analog clock in
envelope: positive out, inverted out, gate input
LFO: positive out, inverted out. CV inputs for speed and symmetry. reset in
sensor output
in the back: DIN Sync output and a MIDI trio


Casing: Powder coated aluminum casing, silk screened text and wooden side panels
Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 5 cm (L x W x H) equals 9″ x 9.8″ x 2″

1 kg
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former retail price: €268.07

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