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HC-TT stands for Human Controlled Tape Transport and is a device for fully manual playback of a music cassette. The large transport knob allows you to move the tape forwards; with tape loops even back and forth like a vinyl record, combined with the mute button you can do some cutting as well.



For inserting a cassette just lift the playback knob all the way up, put the tape in, drop down the knob shaft into cassette spindle - ready!
By turning the playback knob you are rotating the cassette spindle moving the tape across the internal tape head. The knob plays a regular cassette in the forward direction only - a homemade tape loop can be moved in either direction, forward and backward.. The switch is a spring-loaded momentary mute for both stereo channels. There are individual volume knobs for left and right output channel.

There is no motor in this device. It does not record, only outputs pre-recorded audio from a cassette.
An old, randomly selected and pre-recorded cassette is supplied.


1/4" stereo L+R outputs, 3.5mm L+R stereo outputs
inlet for external power supply (9V DC, tip positive)


119 x 94 x 38 mm

0.6 kg
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