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Atonal musical instrument – Stereo Fields is an experimental synthesizer, effects unit and CV controller. The machine comes equipped with two signal generators respectively processors, which are “playable” via touch plates. Its sound varies depending on the finger’s position. The settings of the level potentiometers influence the outcome as well. Additionally, several parts of the circuits are normalized. Strictly speaking, the instrument contains two stereo synthesizers respectively effect processors, which interact with each other. Patch sockets allow users to connect the machine with other pieces of gear.

The instrument's results range from simple waveforms to filter, feedback, wave folding, formant and FM sounds. Furthermore, it is possible to create wildly screaming stereo noises as well as freaky rhythms. The basic character varies from beefy to extremely aggressive. Used as a CV generator / processor, the machine is equally versatile. – If you like hardcore or noise genres, you’ll love the Stereo Fields!



Stereo Fields features two touch plates, which are subdivided into several small sections. The sounds respectively effects produced by the machine depend on which areas are connected via the user’s fingers. Mono or stereo signals can be fed to and tapped from the unit via 3.5 mm patch sockets. The connectors come equipped with additional touch contacts, making it possible to introduce audio material respectively control voltages to the circuits at several points. Associated level potentiometers take effect on the sound as well. Making connections between patch points is another sound design method users should check out. Besides 3.5 mm sockets, there are two 6.3 mm master inputs and outputs.

Stereo Fields is supplied with electricity by an external power supply. (Power supply is included.)

Four 3.5 mm signal inputs
Four 3.5 mm signal outputs
Two 6.3 mm signal inputs and outputs

26 x 15 x 6 centimeters
1.0 kg
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