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Are you ready for some sound exploration? – The Microphonic Soundbox is an electro-acoustic instrument for musicians who love to experiment. The compact wooden case features metal rods, springs, a sandpaper surface and a Kalimba, all of which are picked up by two contact microphones. To create sounds and noises, all you have to do is tap or wipe on the various elements. Alternatively, why don’t you try using a violin bow or everyday objects on the rods, springs and the sandpaper surface? Thanks to a Hi-Z audio input, it is possible to add other equipment to the Microphonic Soundbox.


The Microphonic Soundbox offers a wide range of interesting elements to create sounds and noises. In detail, the following components are available:

  • Two metal rods – Besides touching the rods, it is also possible to play them via, for instance, a violin bow. The results are spherical-metallic sounds.
  • Three metal springs of various lengths – Please pluck here to create rattling, clanking noises.
  • Kalimba with carbon strips – Specialized in tonal “plucked” sounds.
  • Sandpaper surface – Perfect for generating scraping, scratching noises.

All elements are picked-up by two contact microphones. The following low-noise pre-amps offer up to 100x gain. Thus, even quite signals and subtle nuances are captured. A mixer sums up the audio material coming from both pre-amps. Results are emitted via an output. External equipment can be connected to the Microphonic Soundbox using its audio input. While this socket is in use, one of the contact microphones is deactivated. Thanks to battery operation, you can use the instrument at any time, any place.

Hint: If you feed the output of the Microphonic Soundbox to a voluminous reverb effect, preferably with freeze function, or to a granular processor like the Mutable Clouds, the instrument turns into an electro-acoustic drone generator. – Extremely cool!

The bow shown in one of the pictures is not included.

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