L.E.P - Bongo


Are you in the mood for some eccentric bongos? – The L.E.P Bongo module is dedicated to this kind of sound. Bass drums and toms can be created as well. The sound character is powerful and quite dirty. Additionally, it is possible to use the module as an aggressive filter with distortion. The resonance sounds extremely sharp and edgy.



Bongo comes equipped with two trigger inputs. A potentiometer allows you to crossfade between them. The sound varies depending on the level of incoming trigger signals. With just one input patched, the knob can be used as a tone control for treble attenuation. This behavior is not surprising, as the Bongo is basically a pinged filter. Accordingly, the sound shaping parameters are called frequency and resonance. The cutoff potentiometer is slightly erratic. Small changes sometimes have a huge impact on the module’s sound. The resonance leads the Bongo rather early into violent self-oscillation.

The filter is followed by a distortion circuit. It not only adds dirt to sounds, but also removes a lot of bass. – Very important for creating “real” bongos. – Without any distortion, the results are more reminiscent of bass drums or low toms.

The inputs can not only be fed with triggers, but audio signals as well. Patched like this, the Bongo acts as a filter. The sound qualities remain the same. Depending on the knobs’ positions, the sound is rough to brutal and more or less dirty.


Two trigger inputs
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 26 mm in depth

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