L.E.P - Lumanoise V2


Small drone generator with two classic oscillators, two sub-harmonic oscillators, a 12dB lowpass filter and photo resistor control. Interesting, unusual small machine inviding to play instantly! Very lovely is the handmade bag made of felt :)



The tone generator section consists of a square wave oscillator, a digital 12Bit sawtooth and two subharmonic oscillators, inspired by the Trautonium which generate sub-frequencies derived from a master frequency.
The level can be set for each oscillator and the frequency range is selectable between high and low. For the subharmonic oscillators that's possible only for both at the same time but you can set the frequency divider individually. A variable frequency control is possible only via three photo resistors on top of the unit which makes the Lumanoise V2 so outstanding. No oscillator is at the same base frequency which provides for frequency beating, so typical for drones.

A 12dB low pass filter with resonance shapes the sound. The cutoff frequency can be set either with the potentiometer (working in opposite direction, by the way) or two more photo resistors.


input for external power supply, 9-12V DC, center positive
1/4" audio out mono


117 x 83 x 55mm

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