Liivatera - Quadrature LFO


The Quadrature LFO comes equipped with eight sine outputs. Their phase is shifted by 45 degrees each. A compression potentiometer allows users to deform the sine waves. For controlling the LFO’s frequency, there is a second knob. Additionally, the module features a CV input plus attenuator and a sync channel. LEDs visualize the module’s work.



The Quadrature LFO’s outputs are arranged in two rows with four connectors each. The sockets emit sine waves with varying phase.

  • Upper row: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees
  • Lower row: 45, 135, 225 and 315 degrees

Via the module’s compression potentiometer, it is possible to deform the sine waves. Depending on the output used, results can have a shape similar to sawtooth, ramp or square waves. The amplitude of signals emitted by the circuit is adjustable via trim potentiometers on the circuit board.

For adjusting the QLFO’s frequency, there is a potentiometer. Additionally, a CV input plus attenuator and a sync channel were implemented.


Eight waveform outputs
CV- and Sync inputs


3U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

0.2 kg
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