Livestock Electronics - Leap


Leap offers a fully voltage-controllable ADSR envelope with looping option as well as a LFO with sync and 1V octave functionality.


Livestock Electronics Leap is an envelope generator with built in DC offset and attenuverter. It produces an ADSR and an LFO which can be used individually. Additionaly the LFO’s frequency and amplitude can be modulated internally by the ADSR envelope to create complex modulations.


  • ADSR envelope with DC offset and attenuverter
  • ADSR stages are CV controllable with attenuverters
  • ADSR curve can adjusted from logaritmic to exponential
  • Looping ADSR
  • LFO with DC offset and attenuverter
  • LFO CV controllable with sync or v/oct.
  • LFO internal FM and AM by the ADSR envelope
  • LFO phase/pulse width control
  • Six selectable LFO waveforms
Gate input
CV inputs: Attack, decay, sustain, release
LFO, v/oct, sync input
Envelope and LFO outputs
3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 25mm in depth
Power consumption: 110 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V
0.15 kg
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