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Maze is an innovative matrix module for routing, inverting and mixing signals. Configurations can be saved and morphed into each other at any speed. This can be done manually or via a CV respectively trigger signal. There is even a Euclidean sequencer mode built-in. – An awesome feature for creating crazy rhythms with constantly evolving drum sounds or wild bass lines with complex wobble patterns. Pad buttons invite you to “play” routings and presets as well as the Maze’s mute functions live.



Maze comes equipped with four inputs, which can be routed to the module’s four outputs in any combination. 16 pad buttons with a very pleasant feel are used for this task. Inputs are aligned horizontally, outputs are aligned vertically. Besides the basic routing / mixing, you have access to parameters for attenuating and inverting signals. Additionally, there is a mute function. The RGB illumination of the pads visualizes all settings. Configurations can be stored in six banks with 16 memory slots each. Copy and paste commands make it possible to create variations of a setup very quickly.

Thanks to the Maze’s morphing function, you can crossfade between configurations at variable speed. This does not only work manually, but also via a voltage control input. The socket can be used in various modes of operation:

  • Continuous mode – Allows you to choose configurations via a control voltage coming from, for instance, a CV sequencer, an envelope or a LFO.
  • Trigger mode – Maze jumps to the next / previous configuration each time a trigger signal is received.
  • Random trigger mode – Like the normal trigger mode, but here the module decides which configuration to use next.
  • Euclidean sequence – Configurations are played using the integrated Euclidean algorithms. Incoming triggers (for instance a clock signal) switch from one sequencer step to the next.

For using the module live, there is a mute mode. Choosing between configurations via the pads can be very inspiring as well.

Several Maze modules can be daisy-chained to create a bigger routing system.


Four signal inputs
Four signal outputs
CV / trigger input


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 43 mm in depth
Power consumption: 200 mA at +12 V and 70 mA at -12 V

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