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Mixer, inverter, VCA and distortion – The MIR is a very versatile module. It comes equipped with four channels, each featuring two signal inputs, a summing stage plus a VCA with switchable characteristic (linear / exponential). The amplifier can be adjusted via a potentiometer plus there is a CV input per channel. Results are emitted via normal and inverted outputs. High signal levels result in beefy distortion. Besides audio material, control voltages can be processed comfortably as well. – A jack of all trades.



The MIR comes equipped with four identical channels. Each signal path offers two inputs, which can be fed with voltages ranging from -5 V to +5 V. Incoming material is mixed in equal parts. For processing signals, there is a VCA with hard-clipping distortion in each channel. Potentiometers allow users to manually adjust the levels. Additionally, there are amplitude CV inputs. Via switches, it is possible to change the characteristic of each VCA between linear and exponential behavior. For emitting signals, there is a normal and an inverted output per channel. By combining two paths, users can employ the MIR as a logic gate (AND / OR).


Per channel:
Two signal inputs
AM CV input
Normal and inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 25 mm in depth
Power consumption: 80 mA at +12 V and 75 mA at -12 V

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