Livewire - Audio Frequency Generator


The Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) is probably the most comprehensive VCO for the 3U modular system in Eurorack form factor. It is a massive and great VCO with partly totally new features like the complex "harmonic animation" section. It provides an enormous variety of waveforms and timbres and allows extensive modulations with knobs and CVs. The AFG even has its own sub-oscillator and also does linear FM. The Livewire Audio Frequency Generator is designed with expandability in mind and there will be modules which are intended to further expand upon the AFG?s sound shaping capabilities.



VCO with a frequency range from LFO speeds up into high audio frequencies. The pitch can be set manually with the coarse and fine tune controls. Two of four pitch modulation CV inputs have attenuators and are switchable between linear and exponential characteristic.
The AFG has many waveform outputs, eg. separate outputs for pulse and square wave, a sub-oscillator that is switchable between square and saw. There´s even a special sync output.
The most interesting feature is the "harmonic animation" section which generates an unique dual waveform with one top wave and one bottom wave. The "animated pulses" generate a double pulse wave, the "alien saws" make a very special sawtooth. The phase positions and the pulse widths can be set separately for each the upper and lower wave with manual controls and CV inputs. Very strange sounds occur with AFG in LFO mode and harmonic modulations in audio rate :-D
The "matter/antimatter" switch alternates between two different sets of waveforms! By moving an internal jumper once again you can change the characteristic of both sets! End even the sine wave can be changed from "natural" to "laboratory" mode.

Achtung: The module has two ribbon power connectors, both need to be connected to the busboard!


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  • CV-Eingänge: PWM für Pulswelle, 2x 1V/Oct, 2x FM, PWM, -PWM sowie PPM und -PPM für die harmonic animation.
  • Sync-Eingang, se
    ater Sync-Ausgang,
  • Audioausgänge: Puls UND Rechteck, Sinus, Dreieck, Sägezahn, Suboszillator-Ausgang, Animated Pulses und Alien Saws.

3HE Eurorack-Modul, 28 TE breit, 56mm tief

Gewicht: 490g,   Stromverbauch: 120mA

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