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The long-awaited Chaos Computer is an eight-channel Random Voltage Source producing stepped voltages depending on clocks. It features an X-axis and one Y-axis random generator with 4 outputs each that are driven by different mathematical distribution probabilities.The supercool LED display adds to it´s character



The Chaos Computer consists of two independent stepped random voltage generators, the X-axis generator ans the Y-axis generator. They have their individual clock generators as well as external clock inputs and can run in synchronous or in asynchronous manner. Sixteen probablilty switches determine the behaviour of both random generators.

Each generator has a number of outputs; besides a binary out and a gate output there are four random outputs depending on mathematical distributions: uniform distribution and normal (Gaussian) distribution, each with two widths (close and wide).

The matrix LED display shows rate and amount of change of each random generator.


Der Chaos Computer is the heart of a system of voltage generators and processors constructed with expansion modules. For instance the CC has connectors for analog and digital expanders and a number of jumpers.


Per channel: external clock input, binary output, gate output, close and wide uniform outputs, close and wide Gaussian outputs.


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 51mm deep

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