Livewire - Dual Cyclotron (v7)


The Dual Cyclotron is a special kind of interrelated LFOs that bribe with their clear layout and nice knobs. The result is always astonishing and in combination with one or two oscillators you get complex material you won´t get from an usual modulator. It´s also very nice as a sound generator specialized in totally ill sounds. You need to check it out.



It would take the Cyclotron´s charme if we explained what it does exactly and how to read the special legending. Let´s say it like that: it´s a bunch of modulators adjustable in frequency and shape influencing each other.

It´s capable of generating audio signals and modulations and is absolutely suitable for acoustic imitation of aliens and/or insects. Definitely a unique module.

From version v7 on the Dual Cyclotron experienced a couple of improvements which are:

  • Expanded LFO Ranges (Stretch will go slower, Compressed will go faster)
  • more precise external CV control thanks to an attenuator
  • Improved mode switching - microprocessor controlled switches replaced mechanical rotary switches


Main output, Aux output, CV input


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 65mA peak

0.242 kg
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