Livewire - Dalek Modulator


Ein Zwitter aus schräger Klangquelle und agressivem Modulator ist der Dalek als Kombimodul aus zwei linearen Oszillatoren nebst Ringmodulator. Carrier und Modulator im Ringmod sind von den beiden Oszillatoren gespeist sofern diese nicht durch externe Signale bespielt werden. Die VCOs können natürlich auch entsprechend unabhängig verwendet werden.



Two VCOs with the waveforms sine and square and with bipolar symmetry control. The VCOs can be also used as fast LFOs for modulation issues. There´s a controllable internal cross-modulation between the VCOs which is interesting especially in audio range. Alternatively the VCOs´ frequencies can be modulated by CVs. But the inputs are linear ie. they don´t follow the 1V/oct. characteristic.
The ringmodulator works in ?destroy? and ?obey? modes and is being fed with signals of both VCOs. But due to external inputs with AC/DC switches (DC decoupling) you can also use external audio OR slowly changing control voltages!


2x VCO out, Ringmodulator In, 2x External In für Ringmodulator, 2x CV in (linear)


3HE Eurorack-Modul. 14TE breit. 50mm tief.   Stromverbrauch: 70mA

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