Livewire - FrequenSteiner


Multi mode filter with switchable characteristics: lowpass, bandpass and highpass, based on the filter curcuitry of the Steiner Parker Synthasystem.
It has few controls, but less is more and the sound of this Eurorack classic still is one of our favourites.



The filter circuit corresponds very closely to the filter of the SteinerParker Synthasystem from 1974 and was developed together with Mr. Nyle Steiner.
Those who have played and heard the FrequenSteiner will understand that because the sound and especially the juicy resonance sounds wet and has an unbelievable character.

Yes, the circuitry of the FrequenSteiner is sensitive and specialized in letting oscillations from other modules bleed through when they are on the same busboard. The resonance control produces a hiss (electric reasons, not mechanical). If you are willing to overlook the quirks of this diva you will be rewarded with a really lovely filter. Years after its introduction still one the best filters on the Eurorack market.


per VCF:
three signal inputs, one output
cutoff CV inputs: 1x 1V/octave, 2x attenuated


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 58mm deep
power consumption: 40mA @ +12V and 40mA -12V

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