Lorre Mill - Keyed Mosstone


The Keyed Mosstone is not a normal monophonic synth, but a small, play- and patchable, chaotic system. It provides a triangle oscillator, noise, wavefolder, VCA, random voltages, AR envelope and an integrated "keyboard". A total of 24 in- and outputs open up a huge experimental playground.


Lorre Mill is a one man company from Baltimore/Maryland. Designer Will Schorre creates beautiful sound generators. Though maybe confusing at first glance, Keyed Mosstone is quite structured.

The unit has three main sections: Osc/VCA/Wavefolder, Envelope, Keyboard/Touchcontroller.

The combination of Oscillator/VCA/Wavefolder shows the name-giving Moss effect. This does not mean the quantum mechanical effect known from semiconductor technology, but that the special mixture of oscillator, noise, saturation and wavefolder looks like Spanish Moss when viewed on an oscilloscope.

  • Triangle Oscillator with Exponential and Linear FM
  • Moss Poti adds noise
  • VCA with characteristic saturation behaviour
  • (Lockhart) Wavefolder after the VCA


The envelope follows the idea of simple Buchla / Serge envelopes:

  • Rise and Fall adjustable and CV controllable
  • switchable Sustain phase
  • End of Rise, End of Fall, End of Cycle Gate outputs


The Keyboard / Touchcontroller is really unusual:

The three circles in the middle work are switches: The combination of these switches results in 2³ = 8 different states. Each state is associated with a pitch value that can be adjusted via a trim potentiometer.

  • The two rectangles at the top and bottom are pitch benders for the controlled tones
  • The rectangle on the left switches the AR into loop mode
  • The rectangle on the right switches between two random voltages
  • The random voltages are based on a Sample and Hold circuit. The Sample input is freely patchable


The Keyed Mosstone works with banana cables, as known from Buchla and Serge synthesizers ...and analog computers. They are "stackable" and allow for much more flexible patching.

Important: Just as with Buchla synthesizers, negative CV voltages should be applied to the banana plugs. The Keyed Moss Stone expects CVs only in the positive range of 0 -10V. This also applies to the 3.5mm CV in/Gate In sockets at the back of the device.

Powersupply included: 12V DC positive tip 2.1mm x 5.5mm >=300mA
Banana: 9 Inputs, 12 Outputs
3,5mm: CV und Gate Inputs, Audio Outputs
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