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Schleußig is an eight-channel performance mute stage, suitable for both control voltages and audio material. Tracks can be (de)activated at a fixed point in the beat. The concept is similar to synchronized clip launching in Ableton or Bitwig. This feature is very useful, as you can, for example, add hi-hats or claps to a beat and remove them again. – All with perfect timing. Same goes for switching between basslines, melodies and so forth. On top of that, Schleußig can be misused as a MIDI to gate converter with up to eight channels. – A great solution for playing modular drums via DAW or MIDI hardware.



Schleußig offers eight channels, each with one input, mute button and output. The module was developed for (de)activating trigger signals. However, it is possible to process other control voltages and even audio material in the range of +/- 10 V as well. Besides free operation, there is a sync mode. Here, channels are not switched on or off immediately when the buttons are pressed. Instead, Schleußig waits for the appropriate moment. More precisely, channels are (de)activated after completion of a selectable note length or bar count. You can choose one of the following values:

  • Quarter note
  • Half note
  • One bar
  • Two bars
  • Four bars
  • Eight bars

Synchronization can be done via MIDI or DIN Sync signals. Clever: The clock input automatically detects the polarity of the 3.5 mm MIDI cable connected. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you use a clock source made by, for instance, Arturia, Korg, Make Noise or ALM. A reset input is available as well. Thanks to an edit mode, you can adapt the behavior of the Schleußig module, so it’ll match your setup perfectly. (For details, please have a look at the manual.)

Using the Schleußig’s group function, several channels can be (de)activated at the touch of one button. Controlling the module via MIDI note messages is possible as well. As long as the input of a channel has not been patched, it can be used as a MIDI to gate converter.

Several Schleußig modules can be linked to create a large system with shared synchronization and grouping function.

The Alt In Expander transforms Schleußig into an eight-channel A/B switch module.

Eight signal inputs
Eight signal outputs
Clock and Reset inputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 120 mA at +12 V and 80 mA at -12 V

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