LZX - Chromagnon


Chromagnon is an analog video synthesis instrument for standalone operation or integration into a Eurorack system.



The instruments of the Automata series continue the path begun by Vidiot as a holistic video synthesis instrument. Chromagnon includes video synchronization generation, video input with image synchronizer, video output interface, complex Cartesian processor, quad waveform generators, and supports several complete workflows within a simple interface: coloring, chroma keying, four-sided figure generation, and arbitrary raster generation for scan processing with ILDA lasers and XY displays.

Powerful discrete broadband circuits based on a decade of incremental research and development, HD analog video interfaces, and video and sync generation up to 1080i60 bring your existing LZX video synthesis system into a high-definition era. 

Chromagnon comes with a standalone housing, 12V DC power supply, lab exercise manual, 150 cm composite video cable, 2x 3.5mm patch cords, 12V DC jumper cable and Eurorack power cable.


3U Eurorack module, 52 HP wide, 42 mm in depth

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