LZX - Vidiot


Are you ready for some eye candy? – LZX’s Vidiot is something like the 0-Coast of video synthesis. The compact desktop unit houses various signal generators and processing stages for creating colorful, swirling patterns and other visuals on an analog level. All you need in addition is a screen. The machine is based on ideas by Dan Bucciano, an early pioneer of video synthesis. Users can expand the Vidiot with regular Eurorack equipment built to produce / process audio material or control voltages. – We are very curious to explore all the possibilities of this nerdy machine!



Vidiot is a complete instrument for analog video synthesis and processing. Everything you need to connect to a display and create video art is in the box. It was developped in collaboration with Dan Bucciano to bring the design philosophy of the 1970's into a totally new and groundbreaking device for video artists.

Vidiot is fully compatible with all existing LZX EuroRack video synth modules. Furthermore, any audio or control voltage source can be patched to any of its 13 patch inputs.

An external power supply (5 V DC, 1.2 A) is included.
2.0 kg
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