Macbeth Studio Systems - Elements


Ken Macbeth's new big synthesizer, successfully introduced at Musikmesse 2014 with a very positive resonance. beautiful big machine with spectacular sound. Consider it a classic already now!


The outstanding synth has 3 VCOs, a tape echo simulator, a filter/resonator combination, a spring reverb, and really large modulation potentiomenters. Also the sound is huge but what really stands out (optically) is the golden touch keyboard with quick response.
Besides MIDI In and Thru the Elements has a CV and gate input socklet pair, several CV inputs, e.g. for separate VCO control, filter cutoff and for the VCA. A spring reverb line in/out socket is installed as well


MIDI In and Thru
CV inputs for frequency of VCO1, 2 and 3, external VCA in, VCF CV in,
Global CV and Gate inputs and outputs. main out
spring line I/O


BIG desktop unit

5.0 kg
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