Macbeth Micromac-R (Eurorack)


Ken MacBeth's Micromac is a small and yet powerful, full analog standalone synthesizer voice module for your Eurorack modular system. Unlike his competitors it has three voltage controlled oscillators and a classic Moog lowpass filter. Never before it was more affordable to purchase a true MacBeth synthesizer! For those who don't have an Eurorack system: there is a desktop version with MIDI as well!



Control only via CV and Gate! No MIDI here.

3VCOs: VCO1 and 2 have saw, pulse, triangle and sine waveforms and the pulse width can be voltage controlled by external CVs. A low frequency noise with level control is available as well. VCO 1 can hard sync VCO2. VCO3 can be used as a modulation oscillator and can be disconnected from the master CV. Modulation targets are filter cutoff frequency and/or pitch of VCOs1and2. All VCOs have individual outputs, coarse and fine frequency controls, separate CV inputs for controlling frequency and pre-filter level controls.

The filter is a Moog 24dB lowpass filter. It´s input is a mixture of all three VCOs and noise. The cutoff frequency can be controlled by the first envelope generator as well as by an external CV. The filtertracking is switchable between off / half / full (0%, 1V/oct and 1.5V/oct).

The envelopes are ADSRs with a switchable release parameter thats time is depending on the decay parameter, just like the Minimoog. The filter envelope can be also used to control VCO2´s pitch what sounds great when VCO2 is synchronised. Furthermore you can invert this envelope´s characteristic. The second envelope modulates the VCA. If an external CV is patched to the VCA the internal modulation is broken up. A momentary button allows for manual triggering of the envelopes

CV in, CV out (1V/Oktave), Gate In, Gate out
three CV inputs for VCO 1-3 frequency, two PWM CV inputs 1&2; external audio input pre-VCF, individual outptus for VCO 1-3
CV input for filter cutoff, external audio input pre-VCA, Main-Out


3U Eurorack module, 60HP wide, approx. 75mm deep.

1 kg
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