MacBeth X-Series Dual Envelope


An other MacBeth Eurorack module from the X-Series is the dual Envelope Generator. Unlike the minimoogish envelope in the Backend Filter you now find separate controls for decay and release i.e this one´s a true ADSR type envelope. MacBeth added a VCA as an extra feature.



Dual classic ADSR envelope generator on transistor basis. For both envelopes there´s a common three-position switch for setting the time range from low over mid to high. Two blue LEDs show activity of the ADSRs.

Gate input of the first envelope is normalized to the second. This makes it possible to fire both envelopes with a common gate signal, as long as there´s no cable inserted into the 2nd gate input.

Furthermore there is a transistor VCA which is being modulated internally be the 2nd envelope, this is very practical as the final VCA in your signal path.


Gate Eingänge 1 and 2, ADSR-Ausgänge 1 and 2, Ein- und Ausgang für den VCA


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 21TE breit, 31mm tief

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