MacBeth X-Series Single VCO


MacBeths new module from the X-series is a single VCO. Many asked for it and now it´s ready!

Those who want the great sound of MacBeth VCOs but are not willing to buy the dual VCO or who just doesn´t have the space for it should consider the single VCO!



Temperature compensated analogue VCO that can also double as a VCLFO.
Four standard waveforms- those being Sawtooth, Square/Pulse, Triangle and Sine. Also included are two Sub Octaves- one below the other for a very rich and fat sound!

The frequency control is a ten turn potentiometer that will drive the Oscillator from Sub Sonic to beyond the hearing range and still allows for seriously accurate tuning!
There are two 1/V Octave CV inputs e.g for driving the Oscillator from CV sequencer and a keyboard (for transposing the sequence)
An attenuated input for Log CV and a direct Linear CV input allow great control over modulation input. Pulse Width Modulation also features an attenuated input and couples with the two Sub Octave - you are going to get a very rich sound! To round off- this oscillator will synchronize to other oscillators via a Sync input jack

  • zwei 1V/Okt-Eingänge
  • Eingang für logarithmische FM
  • Eingang für lineare FM
  • PWM-CV-Eingang
  • Sync-Eingang
  • Se
    ate Audioausgänge für Sägezahn, Puls, Dreieck, Sinus, 2x Suboszillator

3HE Eurorack-Modul; 21 TE breit; Recht flache Bauform. Stromverbrauch ca. 45-65mA

1 kg
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