Macbeth - XSeries Backend Filter


Imagine MacBethundacute;s backend filter a classic subtractive analog synth just without the oscillator section. That menas it consists of an audio mixer, a low pass filter with four filter pole taps, two envelopes and a VCA. Bespite one IC the module is emitirely made with discrete components that guarantees for vintage sound.


The mixer has three audio inputs with controlable input level.

The filter is a resonant Moog cascade low pass filter. It offers four individual outputs for 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole filter you can tap for further pre-VCA processing or for creating feedbacks by patching back to the mixer inputs. With a rotary switch you select which filter type is being routed to the VCA input. The VCF has a logarithmic CV input with attenuator, the controls for VCF EG amount and for Tracking can be used as attenuators for two more CV inputs.

The envelopes are Attack-Decay-Sustain envelopes with switchable release for both EGs (final decay, depending on the decay time). One envelope is assigned to the filterundacute;s cutoff and has a positive and a negative envelope output socket. The other envelope modulates the VCA and has a positive output. The envelopes are being triggered simultaneously by a common gate input or a button. This button can also hold the envelope. The VCA has an additional CV input.


Mixer: 3 Audio inputs

VCF: Log CV in, VCF EF/CV In. 1-pole output, 2-pole output, 3-pole output, 4-pole output

envelopes: VCF EG pos Out, VCF EG neg out, VCA EG pos out. Gate In


Main Out


3U Eurorack module, 42HP wide

1 kg
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