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The omnimod is a four-channel modulation source. Per channel encoders are used to set up to 64 break points and to shape envelopes. At each point of the envelope you have the ability to to set height, shift, number of repetitions and the curve shape - that's what we call a real multi-stage envelope and it even has an OLED display to show what you're doing.
Inputs can be used to trigger and even to clock the channels, advancing from break point to braekpoint and thus playing sequences! Instead a clock use a CV to control the phase. The module has an oscillosope and can act as an envelope follower, to top it all.



Omni = everything, mod = modulation; this name is not untrue as it's possible to create (almost) any source of modulation you want to.

Per channel up to 64 breakpoints can be set which are connected with segments. For each individual breakpoint a number of parameters can be set:

  • level of the breakpoint
  • playback direction after having reached the breakpoint
  • number of segment repeats
  • curve form of the next segment (linear, exponential, logarithmic etc.)
Each channel has a multi-functional input. A gate fires an envelope. A clock will sequentially proceed from breakpoint to breakpoint. A CV though will move thru the created curve depending of its phase.
The module offers some modes like ADSR, CV mapping, envelope follower or tempo synchronisation.

The high-contrast OLED display visualizes all necessary information graphically and it even features an oscilloscope mode. This allows for input scaling, envelope following, setting the trigger threshold or for tempo tracking.


This module supports storage and recall with Storage Strip or Memory Matrix. Used with the Memory Matrix it will also support Mutate and Morph functions


per channel: one input, one output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide

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