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BRAINS is a clocked sequential binary event machine, intended to be connected to tactile controllers.
Or let´s just say it´s an sequencer expander for one or two Pressure Points by Make Noise which allows you to create a haptical three channel analogue sequencer with either four or eight steps, depending on the number of Pressure Points you use.



Binary inputs allow for starting or stopping the sequencer, for changing the running direction and for resetting the unit by a gate or a switching voltage of 1V.
The touch-gate input is Brain's only output and outputs a gate signal whenever a touchpad is touched.

The touch-clock input has a dual purpose:
- Without a master clock applied to the main clock input, events generated by hitting the touchplates will be synchronized in time to the touch-clock.
- With master clock and when playing the touchpads a new sequence is generated where the length and timing is depending of the relationship of the Touch-Clock to the Master Clock. Even divisions of the master clock will produces tame variations of the main sequence. Non-synchronized clocks will produce unpredictable results.

Brains only needs ground and +12V to operate so besides using the usual Eurorack power distribution you can connect Brains to a external wall wart too.


clock input, reset input, run input (start/stop), direction input (running direction forward / backward)
touch-gate output, touch-clock input


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 36mm deep
Current draw 10mA @ +12V and 0mA @ -12V

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