Make Noise System Cartesian (incl. power cable)


System Cartesian is an extremely powerful and flexible, yet compact modular synthesizer. The circuits included are suitable for both classic and experimental sounddesign. Heart and soul of the setup is the cartesian sequencer René.


For the System Cartesian Make Noise utilises a slim Skiff case made from powder-coated aluminium. Switch and connector for the power supply are situated on the left side. Centerpiece of the setup is the caretesian sequencer René, a composition tool with vast creative potential. Sound can be generated using either the STO analog oscillator or the digital multivoice audio generator Telharmonic. - Or both. For cutting frequencies a LxD dual lowpass gate is included. Furthermore, the System Cartesian comprises a Maths function generator, a Wogglebug random voltage generator, the balanced modulation and mixing module modDemix as well as the mixing and monitoring specialist Rosie. System Cartesian comes with 20 patch cables and a power supply. Unpack it and start patching!



The included power cord (Schuko plug / Type F) is suitable for many countries in Europe.

Socket for the external power supply plus tons of audio- and control-connectors. (See module descriptions for details.)

546 x 131 x 70 mm (L x W x H)
Internal depth for modules: 51mm where the bus board is situated, 65mm elsewhere.

4.4 kg
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