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The DIN Power is a simple and inexpensive solution for distributing power in an external case for eurorack modules.
It uses the power distribution systems of an already existing modular system and sends it to an external case. It is very suitable for building a flat controller case with modules like René, Pressure Points, joystick modules and other haptical controllers.



the DIN-Power consists of two modules:
- The "master module" needs to be connected to your module case and it´s power distribution, just as any other module. Once connected, the five-pin DIN jack carries the operating voltages 12V, 5V (if available) and -12V.
- The "slave module" also has a 5-pin DIN jack, through which it receives the operating voltages. Just connect both modules with a MIDI cable! On the back side of the module you´ll find two long flat ribbon cables with several connectors which take over the task of a buss-board. One of the cables has 10-pin connectors, the other one 16-pin connectors. Furthermore the slave module´s PCB has two additional connectors for expanding the DIN-Power with more multi-pin ribbon cables.

The maximal current available depends on the power supply of your master system.


The master and send modules each have a 5-pin DIN socket.


3U Eurorack module, Each is 4HP wide and 33 mm deep.

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