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DynaMix is a two-channel low-pass gate with clever level functions and an integrated mixer. Instead of vactrols, transistor circuits are used to control the integrated filters and VCAs. Thanks to this, the DynaMix responds much faster than the average low-pass gate. Its sound is comparatively hard, but nonetheless very musical. Level potentiometers at the inputs allow musicians to add soft distortion to incoming signals. Dynamic sections help creating side chain effects. A mixer combines not only the signals emitted by both low-pass gates, but ties-in other audio material as well.



The DynaMix is composed of two identically designed low-pass gates. Each processing stage features an input connector with level control potentiometer. Hot signals result in soft distortion. The input sections are followed by a VCF and a VCA. The cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter and the level of the amplifier are controlled simultaneously via the Level CV input. For damping incoming control voltages, an attenuator was implemented. Additionally, there is a dynamic section per low-pass gate. It comes equipped with an audio / CV input and a bipolar level potentiometer. The dynamic section can increase or decrease the Level parameter corresponding to incoming audio respectively control voltages. The results are ducking or side chain effects. For emitting audio material, there is an output per low-pass gate. Furthermore, the DynaMix features a mixer. It combines the audio signals of both processing stages. Additionally, there is an auxiliary input.


Per low-pass gate
Audio input and output
Level CV input
Dynamic input

Aux input
Audio output


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 24 mm in depth
Power consumption: 55 mA at +12 V and 45 mA at -12 V

0.2 kg
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