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Awarded with the Electronic Musician 2013 Editor´s Choice Award!

The Echophon flips the script on the trend of software based emulation of analog gear! Tony Rolando from MakeNoise and Tom Erbe from Soundhack prsent the Echophon, a DSP based Echo and Delay module for the Eurorack modular system. It is a digital echo with an unique pitch shifting alogorithm, smooth time modulation, tempo synchronisation and feedbacks with saturation. All parameters can be voltage controlled.



Echo/Delay with exponential control of delay time from 7ms up to 1.7 seconds. It features a 32 Bit processor, analog/digital and digital/analog conversion with a resolution of 24 Bit. Delay memory with 16 Bit/40 kHz.

The Echo parameter controls the delay time but the Echophone can be synchronized to an external tempo. In this case the Echo control sets a multiplication or division factor for the delay time. This delay time is output as a clock at the Clock out and will be displayed with a LED. The internal Pitch Shifter can shift the signal +/-2 octaves, manaually and with two Pitch-CV inputs. The Depth parameter detrmines the range of pitch up to 1V/oct.

Two digital Feedbacks for different effects. The first feedback is looped around the pitch shifter in a range of 0-49% and will change each echo repetition's pitch upwards or downwards. The second feedback is conventional and is in a range of 51-100%. Besides this there is an analog feedback loop for inserting external effects anf filters.

Freeze allows you to lock the current audio signal but you can still change it with the Echo and Pitch controls. The dry/wet amount can be set manually and with the MIX-CV. The dry audio signal path is 100% analog.


Audio: input, mix output, input and output for analog feedback loop
CV input for PitchDepth, Pitch 1, Pitch 2, Feedback and Echo
Freeze Gate/CV-input, tempo synchronisation input, clock output


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 30mm deep.
Current draw: 70mA at +12V  and  40mA at -12V

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