Make Noise Function


Similar to the related MATHS module, FUNCTION is also a versatile function generator, so to say an electronic swiss army knife for your eurorack module system. You can use it as an envelope, LFO, portamento generator, sample&hold or as a simple filter, but many other utility functions can be generated once you have understood the module.



The module accepts any signal like audio, CVs and gates/triggers. The rise and fall parameters slew the voltage changes of the input signals, just like a slew limiter with adjustable rise and fall times.

A gate signal at the signal input will result in an ASR envelope. A gate or trigger signal at the trigger inputbecomes an AD envelope. Control voltages at the signal input will be slewed and you get a slew limiter (lag generator, portamento). At short rise and fall times the module can remove harmonics from audio signals and now we get a simple filter without resonance.

The curve of the rise and fall times can be blended from logartihmic over linear to exponential which gives you the possiblity to change e.g. the charactersitic and punch of the envelope.

If you press the cycle knob (or if you connect the EOC output [end-of-cycle] with the trigger input) the module will oscillate and we get a LFO with adjustable rising and falling slopes. This means you can blend from a falling sawtooth over a triangle to a rising sawtooth (this may alter the frequency, though). The EOC output provides a square and the EOR (end-of-rise) output a pulse that´s width is dependent of the rise time. Rise and Fall can be voltage controlled separately or simultaneously via the BOTH socket. The cycle function goes up to audio range and we can use the module as a simple voltage controlled oscillator, but it will not track 1V/octave perfectly.

A signal at the HANG input will freeze the output; this is great for sample&hold or track&hold applications


signal input, trigger input, hang input
CV input for Rise, Fall and Both
End-Of-Rise and End-Of-Cycle outputs
Each a positive and an inverted signal output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 24mm deep.
Current draw: 30mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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