Make Noise - FXDf


FXDf stands for Fixed Filter and that's exactly what this module is about. It features individual inputs for different filter slopes and six outputs with fixed frequency bands.



The FXDf has inputs for -6dB/octave and -12dB/octave, very plain without level controls. The reason was the fact both Serge's 6db- and Moog's 12dB filterbanks sounded great ... now you have both options and due to two inputs you can mix sounds.
Outputwise there's an lowpass, four band passes (with center frequencies 198, 372, 692 and 1411Hz) and a high pass. The bands are approx. 11-13 semitones apart and the whole range is ca. 6 octaves.

Athough the FXDf can work as is, it's six outputs can be internally connected to the six channels of a RxMx module for voltage controleld spectral processing. Yes, each channel's level can be voltage controlled then!


inputs: -6db/octave and -12dB/octave
outputs: lowpass; 198Hz, 372Hz, 692Hz und 1411Hz bandpasses; high pass


3U Eurorack module, 4P wide

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