Make Noise - Maths 2


MATHS is a Swiss Army knife, a very versatile module containing analog computers' funcions : integrating, inverting, addition and scaling of signals.
But what does it all mean in the end? Well, you can use the module as a slew limiter envelope generator, oscillator or LFO. Equally you can process CV and audio signals, for example attenuate, invert and mix them.



It´s too hard to describe the Maths´ details in few words and thus we advice you to study the operation manual (see link below) to understand the features of this complex module.

Primarily you will use it as an LFO or an envelope generator. But the complex possibilities how to combine the sub-units and the different ways how audio, CV, gate and trigger signals are processed or what they cause make following functions possible: VC-LFO, simple VCO, AD envelope, AHR envelope, VC slew limiter, gate delay, attenuator, offset generator, simple filter, waveshaper etc.


- channel 1: signal input, trigger input, 2 signal inputs. CV inputs for rise, fall and both, End-of-Rise square output.
- channel 2 and 3: input, output
- channel 4: same like channel 1, just with a End-of-Cycle output instead of the End-Of-Rise output.
- OR output and sum output combine channels 1 and 4


3U Eurorack module,  20HP wide. 24mm deep
Current draw 60mA @+12V and 50mA @ -12V

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