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The modDemix consists of 2 identical direct coupled balanced modulator circuits that may be used together or individually to process audio or control signals. Usually you will use the module for amplitude modulation, single-side modulation, ring modulation, VCA, attenuation, polarization and multiplication.

The new version (released late July 2014) has been changed regarding normalizations, is easier to use as a mixer and is more intutive due to clearer faceplate graphocs



Both channels are mixed in a summing stage which turns the modDemix into a two-channel voltage controlled mixer. Unattenuated Aux inputs allow for cascading multiple units to create larger mixes.
As an audio mixer the modDemix is very colored, sounding more aggressive then the Optomix (which has almost the same functionality). As a control voltage mixer, it will have a faster and more linear response than the Optomix.

Strength potentiometer has two functions: with nothing patched to Strength CV in, it works as a standard panel control, setting Level. With signal patched to the socket, the potentiometer works as an attenuator, setting the strength of the modulation

Furthermore you can use the module as a VCA as the special modulator circuit turns off around 0V at the carrier/control input.

Each four LEDs in the signal path allow for very fast dynamics processing, low noise, gives the circuit it's own sonic fingerprint and provides visual feedback of processing. The output of the first channel is normalized to second channel's input.


Sum output
per channel: carrier and modulator input, aux input, signal output.


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 24mm deep.
Current draw: 30mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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