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Experimental sampler – Morphagene combines virtual tapes and classical cutting techniques with state-of-the-art granular algorithms to process sound. Audio material can be recorded, sliced and rearranged in the twinkling of an eye. Playback speed and direction are adjustable as well. Furthermore, it is possible to stretch or squash sounds. CV inputs allow the user to modulate every single parameter. An envelope follower with CV output and the EOSG trigger channel enable Morphagene to influence other modular circuits. The module can handle mono as well as stereo signals. – A versatile remix tool, which is not only interesting for music producers but audio artists and DJs as well.



Morphagene can record “reels” with a length of up to 87 seconds. It creates WAV files (32 Bit / 48 kHz), a Micro SD Card is used to store and recall data. Besides sampling, it is also possible to load material from a computer into the module. For processing sound, a broad range of nifty features is available. The Organize section cuts reels into up to 99 pieces and rearranges them. Vari-Speed allows the user to adjust playback speed and direction. At most, samples can be pitched twelve semitones upward or 26 semitones downward. Gene-Size and Slide make it possible to granularize sounds. Morph is specialized in layering and staggering audio material. All parameters feature not only potentiometers, but CV inputs as well. Some of them come equipped with bipolar attenuators. By employing the clock connector, users can stretch or squash sound. An envelope follower with CV output and an EOSG trigger socket allows the Morphagene to engage in conversation with other modules.
Recording and playback are handled separately, like having two tape machines. Therefore, overdubs and such are not a problem for the module.
Morphagene is usable for processing mono as well as stereo material. A blank Micro SD Card is included.


Two audio inputs and outputs
CV inputs for SOS, Gene-Size, Slide, Morph, Vari-Speed and Organize parameters
Trigger inputs for Play, Record and Splice functions
Clock input
Envelope Follower CV output, EOSG trigger output


3U Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, 30 mm deep
Power consumption: 165 mA at +12 V and 20 mA at -12 V

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