Make Noise - Multimode Gate MMG


Vactrol multimode filter, based on the core of the discoontinued QMMG. It masters a number of sounds, from resonant acid squelch to percussive lowpass-gate sounds like Buchla bongos you an create simultaneously.



MMG has two signal inputs, a controllable AC audio input with compressing overload and overload LED. In addition there's a DC input for the use with CVs.

The cutoff frequency has two CV inputs, one of which is bipolar and the other unipolar. The resonance (alias Q) is voltage controllable as well and ranges from soft to very aggressives sounds. An automatic gain control prevents the level to drop at high Q settings.

The MODE parameter blends the filter type smoothely from low pass to high pass, of course also with voltage control.
A signal at the STRIKE input is used to open the vactrol (and thus the filter) for a short amount of time combined with a very organic and percussive decay. This is perfect to "ring" the filter and to easily create percussive sounds like drums at high resonance settings. You can do this simultaneously and in addition e.g. to slow modulations and make the MMG have two different characters at the same time.
A signal at the ACCENT input will add some punch to the MMG, in good old X0X manner.


Signal inputs: AC input and DC input
CV inputs: one for mode, two for cutoff and one for resonance
Strike input, Attack input


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 24mm deep
Current draw 40mA @ +12V and 40mA @-12V

1 kg
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