Make Noise Mysteron


Mysteron is a dual, coltage controllable waveguide module that can sound organic despite it's digtal core. Haven't you ever heard of waveguides? But sure you heard about physical modeling, and the Mysteron is a probably more extreme and creative representative of these digital sound generation algorithms.



A waveguide simulates digitally a hollow pipe which resonates when animated. The created sounds can resemble the behavior of bowed and plucked instruments or membranes like drum skins.


  • The length of the waveguide algorithm, read: it's pitch can be set coarse with the pitch control and fine with the small trimpot underneath in a range of +/-12%. A quantization mode ensures clean tracking: remove all modualtions at Pitch-1 input and set Pitch control to 0%, this activates quantizaton mode. CVs at the Pitch 2 input will be now quanized to semitones.
    Nota bene: the wave guide length not only changes pitch but also timbre and decay time.
  • A gate at minimum one ot the two excite inputs animates the waveguides, sends a stream of energy in form of a wave or noise (see: mutation), makes them resonate and to generate sound. The impulse parameter controls strength of excitement, simultaneously volume and harmonics of the sounds and it must be above 0% to hear anything. The potentiometer turns into an attenuator when a cable is connected
  • Feedback sets decay time of the sound and is controled by Generation, that bi-directionally activates Re-Generation ot De-Generation. De-Generation saps energy from the algorithm, shortens it and makes it more percussive. Re-Generation adds energy, makes sounds longer and less percussive... like a classic feedback on a delay. At 100% Re-Generatio nthe Mysteron oscillates and you can use Impulse as a VCA.
  • The Mutation department modifies the sound. Depth determines the amount of energy which is inejcted into the waveguides. Type (which has an effect only when Depth is above 10%), selects the form of mutation.
    A gate at the !! input when Depth = 0% switches from a plucked to a bowed attack behavior. When Depth >10% Type scanns the waveforms for material that can excite the waveguides and Depth bends from the waveform to noise.


The Mysteron has no presets and is patch-programmed. Sonically you are not limited to typical physical modeling sounds like plastic guitars, flutes or drums because the abundance of parameters gives you the possibility to experiment: possile are digital hihats, wavetable oscillator, duophonic sounds. Check the manual for sound ideas!


CV inputs: Pitch 1 & 2, Impulse, Mutation Depth, Mutation Type, Generation
two Excite inputs, "!! ¡¡" input, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 24mm deep
power consumption: 95mA @+12V and 25mA @-12V

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