Make Noise - Phonogene (v.372)


The Phonogene is a digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument, similar to a homonymous instrument by Pierre Schaeffer. although it´s not an emulation of this instrument it bases on the main ideas. It is informed by the worlds of Musique Concrète (where speed and direction variation were combined with creative tape splicing to pioneer new sounds) and Microsound (where computers allow for sound to be divided into pieces smaller then 1/10 of a second, and manipulated like sub-atomic particles). Having voltage control over every parameter, it is most successful as a digital audio buffer for the modular synthesist.



Tape Music Tools:
sounds to be recorded on the fly, layered using the internal Sound On Sound function, manually cut into pieces using the SPLICE function, and re-organized with the ORGANIZE control. Once it is Spliced up, it is possible to create nearly infinite variations of the original loop by modulating the ORGANIZE parameter, and VARI-SPEED allows for the speed and direction of playback to be controlled continuously with one control signal.

Recording and splicing happens manually with a button or with a gate signal. Also the playback can be forced by fireing a gate signal to the play input.

Microsound tools:
GENE-SIZE divides the audio buffer into progressively smaller pieces called Genes (aka particles, grains, granules). A clock signal applied to GENE-SHIFT will step through those pieces in chronological order, while a control signal applied to SLIDE, moves through those pieces in a nonlinear fashion. Using SLIDE, random access of the audio buffer is possible. Of course parameters Vari-Speed and Organize also have effects on the Microsound secion.

With all those functions Phonogene is a sampler, looper and audio buffer with plenty intuitive manual control. Those who need a perfect, clean sampler that creates no clicks when slicing should look elsewhere. Who is looking for an intiutive tool for editing, playing with and affecting audio material in realtime might like the Phonogene a lot.


audio input wit wet/dry control. audio output.
CV inputs for vari speed (bipolar), slide (biploar), organize and gene size. CV input for mix onf sound on sound recording (dry or loop)
Pulse inputs for record, playback and slice. Gate output for end of sample. Clock input for gene shift.


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 43mm deep. Current draw 70mA @+12V and 40mA @ -12V

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